Client Project
Web Design

Gaia AI Website Redesign

Web design for Gaia AI, an MIT and Harvard startup using drones, LiDAR, and computer vision to collect high-quality biomass data in forests. Using perception AI, Gaia AI offers high measurement accuracy at a low cost, helping land owners, project developers, and investors better understand the carbon stock and timber content of their land.

Project Lead, Website Design

Feb - Apr 2022 (10 wks)

Yuhan Liu (project lead, developer)
Eric Dai (designer)
Paul Loh (developer)
Arush Mehrotra (developer)
Sumanth Kadiyala ( developer)


Figma logo

Figma, React, Gatsby

🪵 Task

Gaia AI's current website does not clearly convey what their product does and how it can potentially benefit interested customers. In addition, visitors do not know where to sign up for the waiting list for Gaia AI's product and find Gaia AI's website difficult to navigating, leading to confusion and low conversion.

The purpose of the redesign is to clearly communicate the value of Gaia AI's data analytics product and encourage forest managers to join the waitlist for their beta test.

Gaia AI's old website

🌱 Branding

In addition to communicating the value that their product provides to forest managers, Gaia AI wants their brand to convey a warm and welcoming tone that serves as a balance between technology and nature.

Gaia AI's product brings cutting edge technology and forestry together instead of at odds with one another, equipping foresters and forest managers with the right tools to make faster and more accurate measurements on carbon content and contribute to a greener future at a lower cost.

🌲 Final Designs

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Special thanks to Yuhan, Eric, Paul, Arush, and Sumanth for making these designs come to life 🌳