Hey, I'm Chelsea!

I’m a senior at UPenn majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Design and Computer Science. I was recently a Product Design Intern at Shipt, where I worked on improving education for new Drivers. Before that, I designed the end-to-end user experience for Groov’s mobile app and worked on some UI designs for Vest.

I believe in developing a growth mindset, constantly learning, and practicing empathy in every aspect of my life. I like product design because it encourages me to grapple with complex problems, become better at understanding people and their needs, and learn and explore endlessly (about pixels, people, businesses, the world, and the way they all interact), all the while satisfying my love for creating and appreciating beautiful things.

In my free time, you’ll find me rewatching the same performances of my favorite songs on YouTube, finding new fictional worlds to lose myself in, learning to play the guitar (and convincing myself one day I’ll be like Sam Kim), staring at art on my Pinterest board, drawing, trying Lavender-flavored things, and taking pictures of the sky.

✼ Some fun experience I've had

May 2023
Design Nation @NYC
Attended Design Nation and learned about learning design and futuring at IDEO, Eddie Opara’s thoughts on the growing flatness of design in the digital world, and Joe Gebbia’s story of designing CritBuns (and AirBnb).
APR 2023
TreeHacks & DOMI Rental Companion
Flew cross-country over the weekend to attend my first hackathon at Stanford where my team and I won the Grand FinTech prize for building DOMI, an AI rental companion app.
APR 2023
DSGN 3080: Social Care as Revolution
Made portraits for 10 random security guards at Penn in a couple of weeks. Discovered some new friends and forced myself to get over the anxiety-inducing task of approaching strangers and asking to draw them.
SEP 2022
Penn Student Design
Led a student-run design agency in an attempt to give designers at Penn more opportunities to design for the real world. Learned about my many short-comings as a leader & the additional complications of running a small business (versus a club).
AUG 2021
The WALK Art & Design Dept.
Co-headed the Art & Design department of The WALK, Penn’s premier fashion magazine. (I’ve always wanted to try creative direction!)
SEP 2021
BIBB 425: Neurotechnology
Quis ego sum? Ego sum cerebrum! Learned about spinal cord stimulators, brain-computer interfaces, tendon and nerve transplant surgery and more! Also touched a human brain for the first time.
APR 2021
The Penn Gazette
Published my first personal essay in the Penn Gazette about finding the meaning of home while attending university from Shanghai during COVID.

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