Hello, I'm Chelsea!

I'm a product designer studying Cognitive Science & Design @UPenn, passionate about crafting human-centered and data-informed digital experiences

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Groov screen mockupGroov screen mockupGroov screen mockup


UI/UX | Mobile iOS | Client Project | Case Study
Designing a frictionless experience for Groov customers to easily scan their feet and order a pair of custom insoles from the comfort of their homes
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Clarifi screen mockupStreak component of Clarifi designActivity tab from Clarifi design

Clarifi Parent Portal

UX | Desktop App | Client Project | Case Study
Motivating parents of students with ADHD to better support their children in building effective study habits and improving academic performance through Clarifi's parent portal
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Penn InTouch mockup

Penn InTouch Redesign

UI/UX | Course Project | Case Study
Simplifying the course registration and academic planning process for students at the University of Pennsylvania
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Gaia AI mockupMockup of Gaia AI web design

Gaia AI

Web Design | Client project
Encouraging forest managers to learn more about Gaia AI, an MIT and Harvard startup using AI and robotics to make trees a viable solution for carbon sequestration
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Snippets of some other projects I've worked on: